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$199 Fellers Ranch® Holiday Gift Box | BMS Score of 6 - 10 | USDA Certified | Conger, MN
$199 Fellers Ranch® Holiday Gift Box | BMS Score of 6 - 10 | USDA Certified | Conger, MN
Load image into Gallery viewer, $199 Fellers Ranch® Holiday Gift Box | BMS Score of 6 - 10 | USDA Certified | Conger, MN
Load image into Gallery viewer, $199 Fellers Ranch® Holiday Gift Box | BMS Score of 6 - 10 | USDA Certified | Conger, MN

$199 Fellers Ranch® Holiday Gift Box | BMS Score of 6 - 10 | USDA Certified | Conger, MN

Fellers Ranch

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The Fellers Ranch Holiday Wagyu Gift Box is perfect for the people in your life who mean so much to you. This box comes with an assortment of our signature products and is available in two sizes.


$199 Holiday Gift Box 

(2) Packs of Wagyu Beef Jerky 

(1) 5 lb Case of Wagyu Burger Patties

(2) 6 oz Wagyu Filets 

(1) Pack of Wagyu Hot Dogs

(2) Pack of Wagyu Summer Sausage



Wagyu beef is universally known as the world's finest and most premium beef available. Here at Fellers Ranch®, we proudly raise Wagyu cattle in an ethical and humane manner. Our ranch never gives our Wagyu cattle any growth hormones, animal byproducts, or antibiotics. We pride ourselves in never using commercial feedlots or corporate processing plants like many other cattle farms. Instead, we utilize more natural methods to produce the finest Wagyu beef in the Midwest. Our cattle have constant access to clean water, adequate space, fresh air, quality forage, and comfortable shelter. We believe that this method of raising Wagyu results in a healthier and tastier product. Not to mention, our Wagyu is also ethically processed at the Conger Meat Market and locally delivered across Minnesota!

Fellers Ranch® Wagyu beef is not only incredibly delicious and tender, but also very healthy. It contains higher levels of monounsaturated fat, or better known as the “good” fat. Our Wagyu beef also contains essential amino acids, including omega-3 and omega-6 which are beneficial for heart health. On average, Wagyu contains less calories than other types of beef, making it overall a healthier option for steak lovers!

Looking for delicious, well-marbled, and healthy Wagyu beef? Fellers Ranch® is here to change how Wagyu beef is sold in the Midwest; we want everyone to experience our delicious Wagyu. Give us a shot, we might be the next big thing!


We have a brand new vision for beef at Fellers Ranch®. This vision involves creating the best dining experience one can have and unleashing new, unknown potential in home cooks across the midwest. Wagyu is one of the most sought after cuts for big-shot BBQ cooks or for fine dining chefs, and we believe we have perfected the raising and butchering process. Raised locally, fed a special diet, then farmed ethically, we believe that this just might be the best Wagyu beef in the Midwest!

Fellers Ranch®  is a partnership between a third-generation family farmer, a 75 year-old family-owned (USDA-inspected) artisan butcher shop, and several seasoned ranchers. We are all located in southern Minnesota, and process our meat at The Conger Meat Market in Conger, MN. With cattle raised on a small farm, we can ensure that all of our cattle are specially cared for and have comfortable, well-spaced shelter. Authenticity, animal well-being, and quality of meat are most important to us.

To reach exceptional marbling and unparalleled texture, we do things a little different at Fellers Ranch®. It starts with the feed, which adds a lot to overall taste and texture. We have a special blend and process that has been recommended by top Wagyu nutritionists, to feed our Wagyu cattle. With a mix of silage, hay, oats, and some corn; we ensure that all our cattle meet the standards of a balanced diet. Everything fed to our cattle has been mixed to benefit and enhance all the natural flavors that Wagyu has to offer. We can promise all of our cuts are a BMS of 6 or higher, creating an easier and tastier steak to work with. 

Our Wagyu cattle live happily and stress-free on our farm for 30 months prior to being dry-aged for 14 days. We believe our methods of raising cattle create the superior texture and flavor that only comes from Fellers Ranch®  Wagyu beef. Local breeding, calving, raising, and farming, are all done by local people and businesses that we know and trust, this ensures all of our meat can meet our standards perfectly, before landing in the carts of our customers. 

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