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Influencer Quality Level Wagyu Burger Recipes from Fellers Ranch

Wagyu Burger Recipes

Cajun Juicy Lucy Burgers by Cubbie Hawk BBQ

● Take 1lb of Fellers Ranch® Wagyu Ground Beef and mix in any preferred seasonings;

we recommend Swamp Thang from the #corncookers🌽collection from the

@iowabbqstore, if that’s not available a popular go-to for burgers is season salt, pepper,

garlic powder, and onion powder to taste.

● Mix ingredients, separate meat into small balls, and flatten them out. Each patty should

be around ¼ on an inch thick.

● Add a slice of cheese to the top of half of the prepped patties. We prefer American

cheese but you can use any other cheese you like.

● Lay the remaining half of the burger patties on the ones topped with cheese, at this point

it is crucial to make sure the patties are connected and the cheese is snug in the center.

We don’t want cheese spilling out of the sides and possibly over-cook.

● Fire up your grill. We prefer to use @bbcharcoal on @waldenbackyards Legacy Firepit!

Any grill or skillet will do the job though.

● Once up to a scalding, heat start cooking the burgers until medium; this should take

around 3-5 minutes depending on the cheese and thickness of the patty. The cheese

should be melted at the end and the crust should be caramelized and browned.

● Slightly char the buns you’re using and apply an even layer of “special sauce”. This can

be done by combining mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle relish, mustard, sriracha, pepper,

smoked paprika, and Worcestershire sauce. Top with lettuce and add the patty to the


● After your burger is put together, sit back and enjoy this amazing take on a midwest

favorite; a Wagyu juicy lucy!


Smoked Triple Wagyu Smash Burger by MN Fire & Slice

● Start with 1lb of Fellers Ranch® Wagyu Ground Beef and season with salt and pepper

(plus others if you'd like). Roll the meat into 2 oz patties and smash them down.

● Take 3 patties (per burger), and char them over a hot grill/skillet at 500℉. It should only

take a minute to see caramelization on the patties.

● Once browned season with @lanesbbq SPG, then layer each patty with a slice of cheese

● Layer up the patties and lower the heat. Then cover; letting steam and heat finalize the

melting process of the cheese.

● Once cooked toast brioche buns and layer them with burger sauce. This can be done by

combining mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle relish, mustard, sriracha, pepper, smoked

paprika, and Worcestershire sauce. Spread evenly on the bun and apply the

triple-smash burger. You can also add lettuce or pickles for extra crunch and flavor.

● After putting together your burger, enjoy this hearty and delicious triple-decker Wagyu



Wagyu Beef Smash Burgers by Smokin’ Sober

● Start with 1lb of Fellers Ranch® Wagyu Ground Beef. Season to your liking.

● Cook up some bacon and set it aside for now. You can never have too much

bacon but we recommend about 3 pieces per burger.

● Smash the burgers and some slivered onions on a hot grill, about 500℉. Let cook

for a minute or two (until sides start to caramelize).

● Add a thick slice of Havarti cheese and bacon. Close the lid to the grill, turn

down the temp, and let the cheese melt.

● After the cheese is melted add your favorite condiments to toasted brioche buns.

● Add the smash burger to the bun and enjoy the best classic smash-burger ever!

Wagyu Brunch Burger by 715 BBQ

● First, slice and caramelize an onion in a skillet.

● Then you’ll need 1lb of Fellers Ranch® Wagyu Ground Beef, mixed some worcheshire,

pepper, and @psseasonings Prime Time, king shallot rubs.

● Grill until medium rare/rare.

● Take some prosciutto and lay it out in a fan-like circle, then place the cooked burger in

the center and add 2 slices of Muster cheese on top. Fold the prosciutto over the burger

and cheese to cover it completely.

● Throw the prosciutto covered burger into the pan to crisp up and melt the cheese.

● Pull off the heat once crisped and lay on top of a toasted brioche bun. Add 2 slices of

swiss cheese on top.

● Add caramelized onions and an over-easy egg on top of the burger and place the top

half of the toasted brioche bun on the burger.

● For the sides, we chose to air-fry some @mccainusaretail baby cakes, and for the sauce

for the baby cakes or the burger we made some bearnaise sauce.

● Enjoy your perfectly cooked Wagyu brunch burger!

Wagyu Quesadilla Burger by Pig’s Eye BBQ

● First you’ll need 1lb of Fellers Ranch® Wagyu Ground Beef.

● Split the patties up into desired thickness we recommend 1/3 lb patties) and season with

@croixvalley - Southwest Barbecue Booster, or any other preferred seasonings.

● Throw on a hot skillet or grill, we recommend using @webergrills - Spirit I E-210 Gas


● Grill until sides are caramelized. Take off the heat once finished.

● For 1 burger, fry up 1 flour tortilla on the same grill and add a slice or two of pepper jack


● Once heated, place the burger on the flour tortilla and add some jalapenos, tomatoes,

onions, and cilantro (or your favorite pico de gallo).

● Fold the tortilla with the burger and toppings, and voila! A perfect quesadilla burger!

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