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Wagyu Ground Beef Recipes with 715 BBQ | Fellers Ranch Wagyu

Wagyu Ground Beef Recipes with 715 BBQ | Fellers Ranch Wagyu

715 BBQ Wagyu Ground Beef Recipes 

Here at Fellers Ranch®, we try to stay as connected with our community as possible, that’s why we decided to host a Fellers Ranch holiday influencer program! We gathered ten of the best local meat influencers from Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin and provided them with five lbs of Fellers Ranch Wagyu ground beef to see what they can create.

Our first feature comes from Becky Visser Breezer, she is one of our favorite chefs and comes from Minocqua, Wisconsin. She's come up with some amazing and mouth-watering recipes that we can’t wait to share with you. Including wagyu beef bulgogi, wagyu brunch burger, and a wagyu Salisbury steak.

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Why is Wagyu Ground Beef Better Than Other Types of Ground Beef?

At Fellers Ranch, we're proud to offer Wagyu Ground Beef that is superior in both taste and quality. What is Wagyu, you might ask? Wagyu is a type of cattle that originates from Japan and is known for its marbled meat. The name Wagyu literally means "Japanese Cow." The higher fat content in our Wagyu beef results in a richer flavor and a more tender texture. In addition, Wagyu beef has numerous health benefits. For example, Wagyu contains more monounsaturated fats than regular beef, which can help to improve cholesterol levels and heart health. Additionally, Wagyu beef is lower in calories and saturated fats than regular beef. At Fellers Ranch®, our MN grown Wagyu cattle are raised in Conger, Minnesota without hormones or antibiotics. We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality Wagyu beef possible. When you choose Fellers Ranch® Wagyu, you're choosing quality that you can taste.

 Wagyu Ground Beef from Fellers Ranch

Best Recipes for Fellers Ranch® Wagyu Beef Ground

Wagyu burgers and chilis are definitely the most common methods to cook our ground wagyu beef. Becky Visser Breezer has also shared some of her favorite creative methods to cook Fellers Ranch® Wagyu Ground Beef; make sure to check out her Instagram for the full recipes! She's been so kind as to share recipes for Wagyu burgers, Wagyu Salisbury steak, and Wagyu beef bulgogi! The most important part of cooking with Fellers Ranch® Wagyu Ground Beef is to remember to not overcook the meat, as it will lose some of its moisture and juicy texture.


Wagyu Salisbury Steak

Essentially a cross between a hamburger and a meatloaf, Salisbury steaks are ground beef patties seasoned well and served with gravy. What’s the difference between a hamburger steak and a Salisbury steak? Well, Salisbury steaks often have more fillers to bind the meat, such as breadcrumbs or eggs. Wagyu is the perfect type of ground beef to buy for this easy and delicious recipe, the fat from the marbling binds well with the other ingredients; creating a tender and flavorful Wagyu Salisbury steak every time! For best results be sure to use high-quality Fellers Ranch® Wagyu for that signature marbled fat content; ensuring you'll get that juicy flavor in every bite of this local favorite recipe. Click the Instagram link here to see how Becky Visser Breezer utilized Fellers Ranch Wagyu to create this stunning Salisbury!


Wagyu Salisbury Steak from 715 BBQ using Fellers Ranch Wagyu Ground Beef


Wagyu Burger Recipe

What’s more delicious than an average all-American hamburger? A burger using Japanese Wagyu genetics of course! Create a mouth-watering masterpiece to stun friends and family alike at your next get-together. We've got the perfect Wagyu Ground Beef for your next weekend's burger plans. Our Wagyu cattle are raised without hormones or antibiotics, and our Wagyu Ground Beef is always fresh and delicious. So treat yourself to the best burgers around using Fellers Ranch® Wagyu. Click here to see how Becky Visser Breezer used our Wagyu to create the perfect brunch burger!


Wagyu Brunch Burger from 715 BBQ using Fellers Ranch Wagyu Ground Beef


Wagyu Beef Bulgogi

Bulgogi is a Korean dish that uses marinated beef grilled or cooked on a stove-top griddle. Bulgogi literally translates to “fire meat” and has a rich context in Korean history. The key to making Bulgogi revolves heavily around the marinade for the beef; the base for this marinade is usually soy sauce, sesame oil, green onions, ginger, garlic, and sugar, and some people also add pears or pineapple to their marinade. All of these seasonings create a sweet yet savory dish that can easily be modified to add spice as well The meat used for this dish can widely range from salmon to beef, to chicken, and even to squid! The recipe used by 715 BBQ uses Fellers Ranch® Wagyu Ground Beef for her recipe; click here to see the results!


Wagyu Beef Bulgogi from 715 BBQ using Fellers Ranch Wagyu


Fellers Ranch® Minnesota Wagyu

We offer plenty of different cuts of beef, but the most versatile is probably our Wagyu Ground Beef. There are so many undiscovered Wagyu Beef recipes that can be created with our product, and we hope you’ll try them out! All of our Wagyu cattle are raised locally to the midwest in Conger, MN with no hormones or antibiotics, creating a healthy and delicious product. Don’t hesitate to browse our products today, we look forward to having you as our customer!

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