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Three Easy Steps to Grilling Fellers Ranch Wagyu Bratwursts

Three Easy Steps to Grilling Fellers Ranch Wagyu Bratwursts

Our Wagyu Brats are a specialty here at Fellers Ranch®. They are juicy, flavorful and super easy to cook! With three easy steps, blow guests away with these Wagyu Bratwursts!


Fellers Ranch Wagyu Bratwursts

Step One:

Preheat the grill. For best results and a super snappy casing, we recommend pre-heating the grill before the Bratwursts go on. This will enhance flavor and promote even cooking as well!

 Preheat your grill for best results grilling Wagyu bratwursts

Step Two:

Cook the Bratwursts. Make sure to cook about 3-5 minutes on this side. We recommend cooking until medium-rare. This will help the Bratwursts retain its juiciness. Don’t worry, our product contains no pork, so it's safe to cook under well done.

Fellers Ranch Wagyu Bratwursts

Step Three:

Let them rest. Let the brats rest for a few minutes to finish cooking in its own heat and juices. Now guests can enjoy adding any desired topping.

Fellers Ranch Wagyu Beef Bratwursts


Our Brats are delicious cooked in any way, whether it’s chopped and put into a tuscan pasta or pan fried. We recommend a grill to add that extra smokiness in each bite, and to add a more charred and flavorful casing. No matter how they're cooked, or what toppings are chosen, these Brats are sure to be a game changer at any backyard BBQ.

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