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Wagyu Brisket Recipe - The Best Cut of Beef for Smoking the Perfect BBQ | Fellers Ranch

Wagyu Brisket Recipe - The Best Cut of Beef for Smoking the Perfect BBQ | Fellers Ranch

Wagyu Brisket Recipe | Fellers Ranch

The Best Cut of Beef for Smoking the Perfect BBQ


Locally raised and processed in Conger MN, Fellers Ranch Wagyu brisket is the first step to smoking the best brisket at the cookout. This popular cut of beef has been elevated to the next level with our proprietary Wagyu genetics. Raised for 30 months with a custom diet; our Wagyu can easily surpass any expectations one may already have of beef brisket. 

Known to be a labor of love by many BBQ aficionados; the average consumer still shys away from this cut. Many people are still under the assumption that the brisket overly dry and tough All it takes is a little love, patience, and a smoker to see this cut of meat has superior potential. 

Wagyu adds a new element of marbling that many at-home cooks don’t regularly expect from briskets they purchase at the store. Check out this blog to learn more about beef brisket Wagyu.


Wagyu Brisket from Fellers Ranch

How Much is a Wagyu Brisket? 

Brisket cuts can be sold pre-trimmed, and labeled as a flat cut. Flat cuts will come without the point, or the fatty part, and this can cause a lot of difference when it comes to texture. Our Wagyu brisket is untrimmed, giving the at-home cook access to all the flavors and potential of having a full packer cut. Packer cuts are important in many brisket smoking recipes, because the fat is needed to add flavor and protect the juice in the meat during the long cooking process. 

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Cooked Wagyu Brisket from Fellers Ranch - Minnesota's Finest Wagyu Beef

USDA Certified Wagyu Brisket 

Brisket cuts often have a few hurdles to overcome, the main one being toughness. Fellers Ranch offers a perfectly marbled Wagyu brisket, with a BMS score of 6 or better, and is a great solution to combat that problem! Whether it be for a family cook-out, or a neighborhood BBQ, Fellers Ranch and Smokin Sober (Rob Lorenz) have a great cooking method for your next Wagyu brisket cuts.

 Fellers Ranch Wagyu Brisket Recipe 

  • The night before cooking, take your Wagyu brisket and trim away most of the hard fat. Make sure to leave at least ¼” of fat on your brisket. I recommend applying salt and leaving it to sit for 5-10 min. Then I layer my favorite dry rubs (usually Smokin’ Bro’s The Shakedown or The Bubba, which you can find at Anderson BBQ Supply), and let it rest overnight. 
  • In the morning, pull the brisket out of the fridge, and let it sit out while preparing the smoker. I usually run a drum smoker at 275-300 .
  • Once the brisket bark has set up nicely (after a couple hours), mop or spray the brisket as needed with sauce of choice. 
  • When the meat reaches an IT (internal temperature) of 165-170 F pour the rest of the mop sauce on the brisket, and then wrap it in butcher’s paper. 
  • At 203℉ (IT) I start checking the meat for probe tenderness. There is no magic IT to know if the meat is done; the main rule is that the probe can go in and out without resistance in the brisket. 
  • For reference, the hotter you run your smoker, the hotter the IT will be when the meat is tender enough. For example, if I run my smoker at 300 , the meat will reach an IT of 208-210 when it’s done. Running a smoker at 225 will bring the meat closer to 200 IT.
  • Once the Wagyu brisket has reached probe tenderness it needs to rest for 1-4 hours. Leave it wrapped in the butcher’s paper, and wrap it in a couple old towels before putting it in the cooler.
  • Finally, after a few hours, take out your Wagyu brisket and slice it against the grain. It’s important to remember that the meat in the flat part of the brisket cut will be facing a different direction than the point. 

About Fellers Ranch 

Fellers Ranch® is a partnership between a third-generation family farmer, a 75 year-old family-owned (USDA-inspected) artisan butcher shop, and several seasoned ranchers. Together, we have an exciting new vision. That vision is based on decades of raising cattle and processing meat. We are all located in south-central Minnesota, which is where our cattle are raised.

Fellers Ranch® produces the highest quality Wagyu beef in the Midwest. Our cattle are fed a custom diet and are raised in a low stress environment . Following 14 days of dry aging, the result is amazing tenderness, marbling, and flavor.

We are family farmers, and we support small business. Fellers Ranch® does not utilize commercial feedlots or corporate processing plants.

We believe that the best breeding, calving, raising, processing, and delivery is done by local people that we know and trust.

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