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What is Wagyu Beef?

What is Wagyu Beef?

What is Wagyu Beef and Where Does Wagyu Beef Come From?

Wagyu is a specific breed of cattle that was originally developed in Japan. Japanese Wagyu was imported into the United States from Japan in the 1970's. Wagyu is not only delicious, (in a future post we will explain the health benefits of Wagyu) but also good for you!

Who wants to eat regular beef when you can have the best? Wagyu is known worldwide for being incredibly tender and flavorful. This blog post answers some common questions about Wagyu.

When you have a craving for an exquisite burger, roast, or steak, there is nothing that will satisfy your taste buds like Wagyu. But how is Wagyu different than other beef, and why should you care? Keep reading to find answer to these questions!

How is Wagyu Beef Different?

Wagyu beef has its history in a genetic line of cattle developed in Japan centuries ago. ‘Wa’ means Japanese and 'gyu' means cow. The Japanese selected genetics based on slow growth and stress free nurturing. The combination of carefully selected genetics and "best practices" in livestock care results in far more intramuscular fat cells, which is also known as "marbling".

While conventional cattle have been bred in the United States to achieve maximum growth in the shortest amount of time, Wagyu's perfection comes from slow, stress-free growth. 

Wagyu History in Japan 

In Japan, there are actually four breeds of Wagyu: the Japanese Black; Red or Brown Wagyu; Polled Wagyu; and Japanese Shorthorn. 

Wagyu is a national treasure in Japan. In fact, the Japanese government has limited the export of live Wagyu cattle outside of the country. This means that if you want to get your hands on some of this exquisite beef, there is a limited number of producers that can supply it. We recommend buying Wagyu from a local sources that uses a small, artisan butcher shop. That source is Fellers Ranch™ !   

Wagyu History in USA

Wagyu has been popular in Japan for many centuries, but it wasn't until the 1970's and 1980's that Wagyu was introduced in the United States. In 1989, tariffs on imported beef were reduced, allowing more Japanese Wagyu to find their way to American ranchers. Japanese producers were proud to see their high quality Wagyu enjoyed in the United States. 

In recent years, Wagyu has become one of the fastest growing breeds in the United States. Although there are now multiple sources for Wagyu, Fellers Ranch ™ is different from the rest. We raise our cattle on a small family farm that is owned by one of the partners. When the calves attain the ideal weight and age, they travel a mere two miles to Conger Meat Market, which is owned by another one of our partners. 

Having our own beef carefully processed by a local, artisan butcher is priceless. It ensures that each cut of meat is properly graded and carefully handled. We wouldn't have it any other way! 

Wagyu Beef in America

Where does Fellers Ranch™ Wagyu Beef Come From? 

Fellers Ranch™ is a partnership between an old-fashioned third generation family farm, a 75 year old butcher shop (USDA certified), and several seasoned ranchers.

Together we have an exciting new vision for raising and processing Wagyu, right here in south central Minnesota. Our Wagyu herd started with the acquisition of two full blood Wagyu bulls and 128 calves from a nationally known Wagyu producer from Wyoming. That Wyoming rancher had achieved near perfection in Wagyu genetics, but his retirement led to our opportunity. 

The springboard for Fellers Ranch was the arrival of these Wyoming Wagyu at our Southern Minnesota family farm. Our team of five partners has grown into one heckuva ranch! When you try some of our delicious Wagyu, you will agree with us: Top quality Wagyu Beef can be raised right here in Minnesota!


Your taste buds will be thrilled with some delicious beef that was raised right here by Fellers Ranch™. We know how to raise top quality Wagyu Beef in Minnesota.

At Fellers Ranch™, we produce the highest quality Wagyu beef in the Midwest. Our cattle are fed a custom diet and raised with care to keep them happy and healthy! But don't take our word for it; come try some of this amazing meat yourself at Conger Meat Market, located in both Albert Lea, and Conger, MN. 

Contact us today so that we can prepare an order perfect for you. We can prepare just what your taste buds have been waiting all these years for - tenderness beyond compare matched by rich flavor from heady marbling throughout every cut!


Wagyu Products We Serve:

 Contact Conger Meat Market today for more information: call (507) 265-3340

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