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Try our delicious Wagyu Ground Beef for a new way to make your favorite burger!

Wagyu Ground Beef Giveaway | Fellers Ranch™

Monthly Wagyu Ground Beef Giveaway!

Fellers Ranch™, Minnesota's Finest Wagyu Beef has launched a monthly online giveaway to our social media community on Facebook and Instagram. This giveaway is designed for our followers to get a chance to try this versatile product, ground beef from Fellers Ranch™. 

Our next giveaway will take place between April 13th - April 18th, make sure you are following us so that you can enter in to win our monthly Wagyu ground beef giveaway. Are you following us yet

In order to win, you need to be a fan of our Facebook page and share our monthly giveaway post with your Facebook friends. You can also enter to win our giveaway on Instagram by liking our page and tagging three friends on our monthly giveaway post. 

By offering our friends and family the chance to win restaurant-quality Wagyu beef patties from Fellers Ranch™, we hope to grow our following by introducing more people to the difference of premium Wagyu beef! 

Wagyu Beef Meatballs by Pig's Eye BBQ

Wagyu Beef MN | Fellers Ranch

Based in Conger, Minnesota, Fellers Ranch™ is a partnership between an old-fashioned third-generation family farm, a 75-year-old meat processing facility (USDA certified), and several seasoned ranchers.

Together, we have an exciting new vision for raising and processing Wagyu, right here in Southern Minnesota. Our Wagyu beef cow herd started with the acquisition of two full-blooded Wagyu bulls and 128 Wagyu calves from a nationally known Wagyu beef producer in Wyoming. That Wyoming rancher had achieved near perfection in Wagyu breed genetics, but his retirement led to our opportunity. 

The arrival of these Wyoming Wagyu at our Southern Minnesota ranch allows us to provide some of the best American Wagyu beef in the Midwest. Our team of five partners has grown into one heckuva ranch! When you try some of our delicious Wagyu, you will agree that top-quality Wagyu beef is now found right here in Minnesota. 

How to Cook Wagyu Meatballs

 Pigs Eye BBQ based in Saint Paul, MN


- 1 lb. of Fellers Ranch wagyu ground beef

- 1 lb. of ground pork from Conger Meat Market

- 1.5 cups of Pork Panko bread crumbs

- 2 tbsp. of Croix Valley Italian Barbecue Booster

- 4 farm fresh eggs


How to Cook Dry Aged Wagyu Burger?

If you're looking to make Wagyu beef burgers with your 5 lbs of Fellers Ranch ground beef, make sure you cook them on medium heat so that they don't flame up too much on the grill. We recommend making smash burgers using this recipe.


How is Fellers Ranch Wagyu Beef Raised?

Fellers Ranch™ raises their Wagyu cattle on the Merkouris ranch in Alden, MN. The farm is owned by one of the Fellers Ranch™ partners, Ryan Merkouris, and the Wagyu cattle are processed down the road at the Conger Meat Market, which is also owned by one of the partners. Our commitment to local partners and small businesses in southern Minnesota helps Fellers Ranch™ stand out from other meat companies. We aim to provide you with top-quality Wagyu beef, whether you are a premium steakhouse or a family that appreciates good quality and locally raised beef.

Is Wagyu Beef Healthy?

Wagyu contains higher levels of monounsaturated (“good”) fat content and oleic acid than other beef. Not only does Wagyu provide tremendous flavor and tenderness, but it can also be an integral part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Learn more about the monounsaturated fats and fatty acids that make Wagyu beef healthier red meat here.


Where to Buy Wagyu Beef Near Me?

The Conger Meat Market sells Fellers Ranch™ premium Wagyu beef and is the best place to order Wagyu beef in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. We offer restaurant-quality beef and restaurant-quality ground beef patties that are premium Wagyu beef!


Conger Meat Market in Conger, MN  


Wagyu Beef Restaurants Near Me?

If you're looking for Fellers Ranch™ Wagyu beef restaurants, check out our updated list or restaurants and retail locations that carry Fellers Ranch™. We provide the highest quality Wagyu beef to restaurants in Minnesota and Wisconsin. These restaurants include Baldamar Steakhouse in Roseville, Boomin' Barbecue in Minneapolis, The Bulldog in Lowertown Saint Paul, Carnevor in Milwaukee, The Hen & The Hog in Albertville, MN, and Wedgewood Cove in Albert Lea, MN.

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