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Where Can I Buy Dry Aged Wagyu Burgers in MN? | Fellers Ranch™

Where Can I Buy Dry Aged Wagyu Burgers in MN? | Fellers Ranch™

Updated April 12th, 2022

Welcome to the world of Fellers Ranch™, where we raise Wagyu beef in MN just down from our USDA-certified processing plant in Conger. We use only 100% American Wagyu cattle on small family farms that are raised for 30 months before they become part of your dinner table at either the meat markets we serve or one of the many fine-dining restaurants across Minnesota! Cuts available include dry-aged steaks and burgers with intense flavor and tenderness sure to please even die-hard carnivores - contact us today if you want more information about how Fellers Ranch™ can help you sell high-quality meats like ours! 

Wagyu Beef Restaurant Near Me

Make sure you check back up on this blog post so that you can get your hands on the best restaurant-quality beef burger in Minnesota made from Fellers Ranch™ Wagyu ground beef and topped with American cheese.

For a list of restaurants serving dry-aged Wagyu burgers and other delicious Wagyu beef near me, including what the Wagyu beef burger price is and how you can win your own five lbs of Fellers Ranch™ Wagyu ground beef, check this blog post out.

Wagyu Beef Minnesota | Fellers Ranch

Here's a collection of Twin Cities restaurants serving Wagyu beef where you can find Fellers Ranch™, the highest quality Wagyu ground beef burgers. This list showcases the best Wagyu beef in Minneapolis, MN.

Boomin Barbecue | Minneapolis, Minnesota

There's a new Wagyu burger on the block, and it doesn't come much better than this. When you're looking for dry-aged wagyu beef with an American upbringing in Northeast Minneapolis at Ombibilous then Boomin Barbecue has your plate ready this weekend! Their single patty or double will transport any taste buds into heaven - I guarantee that every bite is worth the anticipation as you chew through those succulent flavors while being complemented by melt-in-your-mouth texture from head to toe; nothing can compare except maybe their incredible Wagyu beef short ribs which are also coming soon after their first appearance back onto our local scene last year (check them out here). 

When you're looking for a dry-aged Wagyu beef burger, visit Boomin Barbecue at Ombibulous in Northeast Minneapolis on weekends when you're looking for a local beer or spirit - check these guys out! 

Boomin Barbecue Smash Burger

To learn more about Boomin Barbecue check out our recently updated blog post

The Bulldog Lowertown | Saint Paul, Minnesota

When you're in Saint Paul looking for a Wagyu burger near me - check out The Bulldog Lowertown. This spot has been ranked among some of America’s best burger restaurants by Zagat Surveyors Association and GQ Magazine, so we know our meat is worth getting excited about! You can find all your sports needs here too; they've got TVs to watch the Minnesota sports game while enjoying one (or three) delicious burgers from Fellers Ranch w/a side order or two specialty beers on tap...and don't forget that dry-aged half-pounder served medium-well or medium done like nobody's business.


Fellers Ranch Dry Aged Wagyu Beef


The Hen & The Hog | Albertville, Minnesota  

The best new restaurant in Albertville is The Hen & The Hog! They've received rave reviews from local publications, and they're always catering to your taste buds with their amazing selection of dishes. Make sure you try the Wagyu sliders when it's available - we know how much our readers love this tough but tender meat dish that tastes like no other out there on today’s market scene (and at such an affordable price). Located 5262 Kyler Ave NE #111, book a reservation for yourself now:  

Wagyu Beef Sliders from The Hen & The Hog


Wedgewood Cove | Albert Lea, Minnesota

Wedgewood Cove is a picturesque golf club, wedding venue and gathering space located in Albert Lea. Not only does it offer stunning views of the beautiful landscape but also features an unbeatable menu with the 40 Dollar Burger that you simply have to try! Book a reservation today: (507) 373-2007 

2200 West 9th Street | Albert Lea, Minnesota 56007


Wedgewood Cove Burger


Wagyu Beef Milwaukee

Wagyu beef for sale at Carnevor MKE. For the best Wagyu beef in Wisconsin, reserve a table today.

Best Wagyu Beef Online

For the absolute best prices online, visit Fellers Ranch™ website and purchase the Wagyu ground beef. Available in (3) 1/3 lb patties or (2) 1/2 lb patties, you can't go wrong with Minnesota's finest Wagyu beef. 

Fellers Ranch Minnesota's Finest Wagyu Beef

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