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Smokin’ in Steele Wrap Up | Fellers Ranch & Ugly Baby BBQ

Smokin’ in Steele Wrap Up | Fellers Ranch & Ugly Baby BBQ

Disclaimer: the post might be smidge long, because Mrs. Ugly Baby has the gift of gab and there is just so much to say sometimes!

Event Recap 

What a day for team Ugly Baby BBQ! The day did not start out as intended. Mrs. Ugly Baby was in charge of the alarm clock. And, um, well, she kinda sorta forgot to change her settings to have it go off on the weekend. Fortunately, the neighbors were making a little bit of noise at 6 a.m. to wake up Mr. Ugly Baby. The 5 a.m. start turned into 6 a.m. and put us an hour behind. And then the rain started. What was supposed to be light sprinkles turned into some pretty good showers with a little bit of wind. For a couple of old farts, we can move pretty quickly when we need to add walls to the tents and put up the “rain gutters”.
McGyver would be proud of what we can do with some binder clips, clamps, and magnets. Anyway … back to the cook. Dang it, I got off on a tangent there.

Cook Review 

We were very satisfied with all of our turn ins, but we didn’t know how they would stand up to the high caliber of teams cooking. Did I mention we are a Backyard Team cooking in a Pro Comp? When it came time for awards we were hopeful to achieve our two goals. Get one call and not finish Dead Ass Last. When that chicken call came in at 5th place, Mrs. Ugly Baby did let out a bit of a squeal.
Mister Ugly Baby has been working hard on his brisket and was really hoping for a call there. We were so happy with our turn in box, that we totally spaced out taking a picture of it. (Our sincere apologies to Fellers Ranch Minnesota’s Natural Wagyu. We will do better next week!)
Back to the awards … When he had not gotten a brisket call by 5th place, he had given up hope. And there it was! He got a 4th place call in brisket. Needless to say, his hard work paid off and he was over the moon happy.
“Thankful” is such a small word when thinking of all the people that have guided and helped us along the way.

Shoutouts to MN BBQ Scene 

  • Machete Boys BBQ, you guys were great neighbors and so very helpful at every turn.
  • Hot Daddy's BBQ, the banana bars and words of encouragement mean more than you know.
  • Dustin at Hogline, we are so grateful for your continued support.

Fellers Ranch Minnesota's Finest Wagyu Beef 

Our sponsor Fellers Ranch Minnesota’s Natural Wagyu, those wagyu briskets are amazing, and always exceed our expectations. Their products continue to help us elevate our BBQ game.


A huge congratulations to Ash Kickin' BBQ on Grand Champion, and to Wags Backwoods BBQ on Reserve Grand Champion. Congrats to our good friends Hot Daddy's BBQ on the first-place brisket. And a huge shout out and congrats to our friends at Furlong Seafood for Grand Champion in the Backyard Division
Our results: 33 Master Series Teams
Chicken: 5th Place
Ribs: 14th Place
Pork: 21st Place
Brisket: 4th Place
Overall 7th Place
Told ya! Long Post! Have a great week everyone and keep on cooking! See you all next week @Bring’n Home the Bacon for a double header.
~ Guest post by Connie and Garry Edwards 
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