Fellers Ranch Attends Minnesota Barbeque Society Event in Isanti, MN

Fellers Ranch Attends Minnesota Barbeque Society Event in Isanti, MN

On Saturday, May 14, two of the Fellers Ranch partners attended their first ever “Minn. in May” event.  Jeremy Johnson and Don Savelkoul had heard great things about the annual Minnesota Barbeque Society competition – which brings together the best BBQ teams in the Midwest -- but experiencing it first hand was a treat.

Fellers Ranch attends Minn in May event put on by MN BBQ Society


Jeremy Johnson explained, “The BBQ teams are all good friends, and the main purpose of the event is to enjoy the comradery. However, they all work really hard to produce the very best pork, chicken, and beef that they can. The entire process takes the full day, ending with the well attended awards ceremony.


Congratulations to all of the teams!


We were thrilled to also provide samples of Fellers Ranch beef sticks and jerky, which everyone loved.  It also gave us the opportunity to explain our business, and to highlight how Fellers Ranch Wagyu cattle are different – and better – than conventional beef that can be purchased at the supermarket.   We appreciated the opportunity!”      


Fellers Ranch supports the Minnesota BBQ Community


The event featured both a Master Series and a Backyard Series, each of which had over 50 teams.  Fellers Ranch looks forward to continuing to work with all of the barbeque teams, and the various vendors that they work with.  Special shout-outs go to Dad Bod Barbeque, Ugly Baby BBQ, Anderson Barbecue Supply (White Bear Lake), and The Smokestack BBQ Supply Store (Brainerd).

Fellers Ranch Supports the Minnesota Barbeque Society

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