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Wagyu Griller Bundle from Fellers Ranch

What's Inside the new Fellers Ranch Wagyu Griller Bundle?

Whether you're cooking for your friends or family, this summer's Wagyu bundle is the perfect way to prepare some amazing meat. With burgers and steaks that are sure not only please but impress too! Our Wagyu bundle is perfect for people who love a great steak, burger, or bratwurst paired with some awesome cuts of beef that can't be found anywhere else!

Fellers Ranch has put together a Wagyu bundle for your family's grilling needs this summer. We have put together a bundle that combines Wagyu steaks, Wagyu Burgers & Bratwursts, and a selection of special cuts like Wagyu Filet.

Wagyu Filet

Wagyu Filet from Fellers Ranch

You'll be craving our Wagyu Filet Mignon after you try it. The rich and complex flavors will leave your mouth watering for more, and the abundant marbling provides a succulent taste that is hard to find in any other meat!

Wagyu Eye of Ribeye

Wagyu Eye of Ribeye from Fellers Ranch

We do our best to provide only the most flavorful and juicy Wagyu Ribeye cuts available. These wonderful meats also happen to be rich in nutrients that keep you healthy, inside + out!

Wagyu New York Strip

Wagyu New York Strip from Fellers Ranch

Your taste buds will thank you for ordering our New York Strip steaks. The meat is so tender that it melts in your mouth, delivering an unforgettable experience each time!

Wagyu Burger Patty

Wagyu Burger Patties from Fellers Ranch

We are committed to providing our customers with premium burger meat, raised for an average of 30 months, and fed a specialized diet at specific weights. The result? Rich flavor you can't find anywhere else!

Wagyu Beef Bratwurst

Wagyu Bratwurst from Fellers Ranch

Brats are a popular food item in America. These beef bratwursts can be prepared using the following methods: sauteed with beer, cooked on an iron skillet, or smoked overheat during summer cookouts for added flavor!

Wagyu Beef Stick

Wagyu Beef Stick from Fellers Ranch

Get your hands on some of the world's finest beef for a pocket-friendly price with Wagyu sticks. With four pieces per pack, you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere!

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