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8 oz Wagyu Beef Bottom Round Steak | Fellers Ranch ®| Minnesota's Finest Wagyu | Conger, MN

8 oz Wagyu Beef Bottom Round Steak | Fellers Ranch ®| Minnesota's Finest Wagyu | Conger, MN

Fellers Ranch

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Introducing Fellers Ranch – Minnesota’s Finest Wagyu! We take pride in bringing you the best of the best. Try our 12oz Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak, 14 days dry aged and bursting with flavor, marbling and tenderness. Enjoy a delicious steak dinner with the confidence that you are getting top-notch quality restaurant flare right at home.

Our unique partnership between a third generation farmer, a USDA-inspected butcher shop and several specialized ranchers gives us the opportunity to bring Minnesota’s finest product right to your door. The bottom round of this steak has earned its tough reputation but grilling or smoking won’t give it justice - try low, slow cooking like grandma used to do to get your meal just perfect every time!

With our premium wagyu beef, you can trust that you are getting wholesome high end luxury with every bite. Our small town roots anchor us to tradition while still keeping Fellers Ranch on the cutting edge of big flavors and exquisite taste! We make sure your whole family can dine with peace of mind knowing that all our products are locally sourced and health conscious for everyone’s benefit. Let us help make dinnertime truly special tonight – chose Fellers Ranch – Minnesota’s Finest Wagyu for perfection in every meal!


Bottom Round Steak from Fellers Ranch - Minnesota's Finest Wagyu

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