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Premium Wagyu Tailgate Bundle from Fellers Ranch

Affordable Wagyu Beef Options For The Whole Family | Fellers Ranch

Proud to Serve the Best Wagyu Beef in Minnesota | Fellers Ranch

Wagyu Ground Beef

With the prices of take-out rising the past year, more and more people have been experimenting with re-creating favorite restaurant dishes at home. Well, look no further than Fellers Ranch® to supply only the best quality (at the same time reasonably priced) ground beef. We offer premium and natural Wagyu Ground Beef for $9.95 per pound, making it one of our cheapest and most versatile products! Create gourmet sloppy joes, empanadas, meatballs and spaghetti, American tacos, or homemade chili. Whatever it may be, cook with confidence using only the best Wagyu ground beef.

Wagyu Meatballs from Fellers Ranch and Pig's Eye BBQ

Wagyu Hot Dog

Okay but hear us out-

These truly are healthier options than regular beef franks and for only $9.95! Wagyu beef itself has so many qualities that make it healthier than the average breed of cattle. Not only are our Wagyu products packed with monounsaturated fats, omega-3 and 6, but our Wagyu cattle are also raised stress-free and happy in Conger, MN. 

On sale for $10.95, these Wagyu hot dogs are perfect for BBQs, birthdays, or an after-school snack. Easy to cook and easy to eat, these are possibly the most convenient way to incorporate Wagyu beef into a food-conscious diet.

Wagyu Hot Dogs from Fellers Ranch


Wagyu Bratwursts

Hot dogs, as tasty as they may be, seem to be a bigger hit with the kiddos, so we would like to offer our gourmet “adult variation”. Made with 100% wagyu beef, and seasoned to perfection, our Wagyu bratwursts might as well be a steak in a bun. What makes our Wagyu beef at Fellers Ranch® so special is its intense signature flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. It's no surprise that Wagyu is becoming increasingly popular in America, which is why we wanted to bring Wagyu beef bratwursts to the spotlight. Elevate any vacation around the campfire to the next level with our deliciously juicy Wagyu bratwursts!

Want to cook some bratwursts? Here's a simple recipe.

Wagyu Beef Bratwurst from Fellers Ranch - Minnesota's Finest Wagyu

Wagyu Beef Jerky

Need a cheap, protein packed snack on the go? Fellers Ranch®  also offers specialty Wagyu beef jerky! With an extra-steaky flavor, and the added protein dense health benefits of our cattle, these are the perfect snack for road-trips, fishing, camping, or hiking. Made from the same great cattle that make our signature steaks, our beef jerky has a smokey steak-packed flavor that compliments other healthy snacks like fruits and veggies.

Wagyu Beef Jerky from Fellers Ranch

Wagyu Beef Sticks 

Saving the best for last, we have our Wagyu beef sticks selling at $5.95 per pack! Our beef sticks provide the perfect opportunity to snack with a healthy mind, body, and budget. Made from the same cattle on our family farm, we can proudly say these might be the best snack sticks in the Midwest!  Whether our Wagyu beef sticks are used for school lunches, hiking snacks or part of a family picnic lunch; eat with confidence and comfort knowing the beef used in our products are raised with love and care.

 Wagyu Beef Sticks from Fellers Ranch - USDA Certified

Premium Wagyu Tailgate Bundle 

This Premium Wagyu Tailgate Bundle is the perfect way to show everyone just how much you care about their party. With 10lbs of delicious burgers, 5 pounds each hot dog and bratwurst plus extra protein snack sticks (just mention this blog post in your order) so all your guests can eat what they want - there won't be any leftovers!

Premium Wagyu Tailgate Bundle - Fellers Ranch



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